While we wait for White Nile Vanilla...

As you probably know, Mill & Mortar has invested in a green-field vanilla plantation in Uganda, the White Nile Vanilla Project.
While we wait for our 
vanilla vines to come of age and start producing, we are sourcing our vanilla in the surrounding area. Our partner Mr. Clemens – who also happens to be heading the White Nile project - is a person that we trust will work according to the principles of fair trade that we value.

This is particularly 
important when talking about vanilla. He also has so much knowledge and experience about vanilla growing and curing and always has a focus on quality over volume. So, we are in good hands - and can yet again present organic estate vanilla of the finest quality.

A few words on the 2022 harvest

Though prices for vanilla have come down they still remail quite high, particularly for gourmet grade vanilla.

The good news is that the quality of the 2022 harvest is one of the best we have ever seen. Conditions have been great, and the beans have been allowed to mature on the vine, so vanillin levels are at their best. So, you really get a lot of vanilla flavour for the price. We grade our gourmet beans according to weight in the following classes:

• SUPERIOR Vanilla Pod,

organic, 3-3,5 g

• EXCEPTIONAL Vanilla Pod,

organic, 4-4,5 g

• EXTRA SELECT Vanilla Pods,

2-3 pcs, organic 7-8 g

And our vanilla powder is back, too

• FORTE Vanilla Powder,

organic, 15 g.

Though we have very good quantities of the products we also expect a very high demand from our customers, so we encourage you to anticipate your needs.

Please discuss availabilities with your contact at Mill & Mortar.